Project Description


Physical Contact Connectors – Specialty

Amphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) has developed the next generation “longwall shield communications” deployable fiber optic connector. The StapleMate® connectors were developed in direct response to specific customer needs.

This revolutionary connector provides mining engineers with real-time data on the longwall shield, allowing them better control and faster response time in case of an emergency. The StapleMate® connectors will allow the remote control unit to be located at greater distances from the longwall shields or above ground, providing a safer work environment.


  • Up to 8-channels with M29504/14 /15 termini
  • Up to 8-channels with 16AWG contacts
  • Any combination of conductors and fiber optics in the same connector
  • Spring loaded face supports differing staple sizes
  • Standard hydraulic coupling
  • Uses standard style staples
  • Uses standard 3/8 hydraulic hose with crimp
  • Available in a 37 degree flare male style version
  • Includes a packing gland receptacle version for XP use


  • Solid mechanism & robust construction
  • Locked by a staple for quick disconnect
  • Mechanical indexing of the alignment to avoid twisting
  • Sealed by o-rings for a water tight seal
  • Gold plated electrical contacts
  • Electrical contacts; male and female with sealing o-rings
  • Fiber optic contacts; male and female with sealing o-rings
  • Guide pins in the insulator improves termini alignments


  • Ferrule: 2.0mm diameter ceramic ferrule
  • Exterior parts: brass or stainless steel
  • Interior parts: polyetherimide
  • Seals: nitrile
  • Sleeves: precision captivated split zirconia sleeves