Harsh environment fiber optic cable assemblies have been used for decades in military ground systems. There are significant security benefits because they emit no EMI signature and are immune to RF interference. They are also ideal for tactical deployment because they are lighter in weight, smaller in diameter and higher in bandwidth.

Amphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) is one of the leading providers of rugged fiber optic interconnect and optical system technologies for the military. AFSI's connectors and cable assemblies, designed to withstand the harshest modern battlefield conditions, have been a standard in the military for more than a decade.

AFSI's development and patent of the TFOCA-II® connector puts it on the leading edge of technology, providing a more reliable tactical connector than previously available.


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Primary Products

TFOCA II physical contact fiber optic connectors

TFOCA-II® is a 4-Channel Fiber Optic Connectors is the “next generation” deployable fiber optics connector by Amphenol Fiber Systems International.

TACBeam expanded beam fiber optic connectors

The AFSI TACBeam® is hermaphroditic fiber optic connector, allowing the concatenation of multiple cable assemblies to support varying distance requirements.


The TFOCA-XBT4™ is the next logical step, integrating expanded beam technology into the most popular harsh environment fiber optic connector in the world.