Project Description

MFM Connector


Physical Contact Connectors – Circular Standards

Amphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) has announced the latest addition to its Harsh Environment product portfolio. The FSMFM Singleway Fiber Optic Connector for a variety of applications in Harsh Environments.

FSMFM is rugged, sealed, ant-vibration and corrosion resistant ensuring high environmental and optical performance in a variety of applications ranging from aerospace, land, and above / below sea.

The FSMFM connectors themselves include a ratchet coupling nut for high-vibration applications. The connectors are manufactured from ARCAP which provides very high corrosion resistance. Keying options provide superior alignment, optical performance and can also prevent misconnection. Being of modular construction, the shell interface can be changed accordingly.  The connectors are sealed to IP68 standards to resist fluids and dust penetration.


  • The MFM uses ceramic PC ferrule technology with a ceramic alignment sleeve to reduce insertion loss
  • Lightweight, designed to interface with a wide range of rugged fiber optic cables
  • Keyed shells and ferrules for optimum repeatability
  • Anti-vibration coupling mechanism
  • Silicone O-ring environmental sealing
  • Keyway polarisation
  • RFI receptacle gasket
  • Manufactured in ARCAP for corrosion resistance


  • Shell: ARCAP
  • Ferrule: PC zirconia ceramic
  • Alignment sleeve: zirconia ceramic
  • O-ring (seals): silicone
  • Boot: silicone


Description Measurement/Detail
Attenuation Typically 0.25 with 62.5/125 cable
Repeatability <0.1dB
Termination method Epoxy/polish
Vibration As per pr EN 2519 Test D3 Method A
Temperature range -65°C / +155°C cable dependent
Durability >500 matings