Project Description

M29504/14 & /15 Fiber Optic Termini



M29504/14 & /15 termini from Amphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) are qualified to MIL-PRF-29504B specifications. This series of fiber optic termini provide superior optical and mechanical performance and are compatible with M28876 and comparable military-style connectors.

Unlike other M29504/14 & /15 designs, AFSI’s product is precision-engineered, allowing the ferrule to press fit and bottom out within the terminus bodies. This strict tolerance management eliminates loose fit or epoxy construction and yields better overall performance under stressful environmental conditions.

The M29504/15 features a ceramic alignment sleeve, maximizing its ability to hold extremely tight dimensional tolerances while maintaining accurate concentricity, providing superior mechanical and optical performance.

Options Available

AFSI offers a complete line of termini insertion, extraction and polishing tools, which are compatible with NAVSEA specifications. These tools can be used with AFSI M29504/14 & /15 termini or other manufacturers’ M29504/14 & /15 termini. Tools include termini extraction, termini insertion, alignment sleeve extraction, alignment sleeve insertion and single position polishing puck.


  • Pre-radius zirconia ferrule tip provides optimal insertion loss performance
  • Laser marked TICC codes eliminate the need to decipher complex color code bands
  • Precision ferrule alignment with captivated split zirconia sleeves
  • Wide configuration selection
  • Superior optical performance
  • Custom sizes available. Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) only
  • Integrated environmental seal on each terminus
  • Precision “press fit” terminus design
  • Each terminus individually packaged and labeled for ease of identification, storage and use


  • Supports both multimode and single mode fiber
  • Expanded beam technology is less susceptible to dust and debris
  • Monolithic insert design facilitates cleaning
  • Hermaphroditic design enables daisy-chaining of cable assemblies to support varying distances
  • Non-contacting interface allows thousands of mating cycles


  • MIL-PRF-29504B QPL listed


  • Ferrules: zirconia ceramic
  • Termini bodies: stainless steel, passivated
  • Retention clips: beryllium copper
  • Alignment sleeves: ceramic core
  • Alignment sleeve hood: beryllium copper
  • O-ring seal: fluorosilicone


Description  Measurement/Detail
Back Reflection   <-40 dB – PC polish, <-55 dB – enhanced PC polish  
Insertion Loss   0.45dB typical (measured with 62.5/125mm fiber @1310nm)  
Operating Temperature   -65°C to +150°C (dependent on epoxy and cable)  
Temperature Cycling   -62°C to +70°C per MIL-STD-1344, Method 1003C  
Temperature Shock   -54°C to +65°C per MIL-STD-1344, Method 1003  
Temperature Life  +110°C for 240 hours  
Vibration   MIL-STD-1344, Method 2005, Condition II & VI  
Mechanical Shock   MIL-STD-901C, Grade A  
Mating Durability   500 cycles per EIA-455-21  
Pressure Sealing   (wiper seal) 2,000 psi  
Terminus Mating Force   5 lb [22.2 N] nominal  
Terminus Retention Force   22 lb [97.9 N]  
Cable Retention Force   25 lb [111.2 N] (dependent on cable construction)  
Weight   1.0 grams, max  
Ozone Exposure   MIL-STD-1344, 1007  
Impact   MIL-STD-1344, Method 2015