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fiber optic test equipment


Test Equipment & Tools

Amphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) has developed the Loopback TFOCA and TFOCA-II® plug configuration as an aid to system maintenance and troubleshooting of the tactical cable reels and systems that use them. The Loopback plugs come in a variety of configurations from 0 dB to -23dB to simulate a system operational condition. The use of the Loopback plug enables a technician to test a cable reel in the bi-directional mode by simply swapping leads on the test meter, thus saving considerable time and effort in establishing a systems operational status.

Please refer to the list of product part numbers when ordering these assemblies from AFSI or one of our authorized distributors.


  • FS7H1000M-L TFOCA Loopback, 2.5 dB max att
  • FS7H1000M-L-03
  • FS7H1000M-L-10 TFOCA Loopback, NSN: 6060-01-506-8084
  • FS7H1000M-L-23.5 TFOCA Loopback 23.5 dB, NSN:6060-01-469-8429
  • FS4H1000-L-M1 TFOCA-II® Loopback NSN: 5935-01-501-6715
  • FS4H1000-L-S1 TFOCA-II® SM Loopback plug
  • FS4H1000-L-S1A TFOCA-II® SM Loopback 0dB S1-P2 / S2-P1
  • 11481044 TFOCA-II® Loopback plug, MM
  • EB4H1000L-S1 TACBeam® Loopback plug, 1310nm, 4-ch
  • EB4H1000L-S2 TACBeam® Loopback plug, 1550nm, 4-ch