ALLEN, TX, September 15, 2008- Amphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) is pleased to announce the introduction of APC29504-series fiber optic termini and APC28876-series fiber optic connectors. The advanced APC29504-series terminus design is based on the field-proven MIL-PRF-29504/14 and /15 fiber optic termini standard. Similarly, the APC28876 series connectors are based on MIL-PRF-28876 series connectors. As a leading manufacturer of both M28876 and M29504/14 and /15 products, AFSI is thoroughly familiar with the intricacies of these robust designs. This knowledge has allowed AFSI engineers to design a next-generation connectivity system that addresses the emerging needs of harsh environment optical systems utilizing RF-over-Fiber technology or other analog optical signal needs.

The precision engineered, tight tolerance ferrule design used in the APC29504-series terminus typically yields 0.40dB insertion loss and >65dB return loss. Each terminus also includes an o-ring seal for a stout environmental barrier. The pin terminus design includes the same field-proven spring system used on MIL-spec M29504/14 termini. The socket terminus utilizes the same precision ceramic alignment sleeve used on M29504/15 termini.

The APC29504-series termini share virtually all design characteristics with the QPL M29504/14 and /15 termini and can be expected to perform in a similar manner. The APC28876 series connectors utilize the same shells as QPL M28876 connectors allowing for direct panel replacements of legacy M28876 connectors. Modifications have been made to the connector insert, adding a keying mechanism so that terminus end face angles are located precisely and predictably for ideal optical alignment. The APC28876 series connectors are compatible with all QPL M28876 backshells and dust covers. The APC28876 series connectors are available in a variety of materials (aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum bronze, and others) and finishes (cadmium, zinc-alloy, hard anodize, and others).