Training is an important part of Amphenol Fiber Systems International’s (AFSI) service to its customers. In addition to regularly scheduled training, AFSI is pleased to offer the following technical course:

D38999 Four-Day Training

AFSI’s D38999 training course is designed for persons who are involved in the installation, testing, troubleshooting or maintenance of military and commercial aerospace industry.

4 Day Fiber Optic Training Class

On-site Training:

AFSI offers training at our location in Allen, Texas, according to your schedule. Our expert trainers provide classroom instruction in a well-equipped, modern training facility. Hands-on lab activities support the classroom instruction and allow one-on-one interaction and guidance from the instructor.

Mobile Training:

AFSI also provides this training at customer-specified locations for up to eight students. Mobile training minimizes travel for the class and reduces costs. In addition, students learn in their own environment, allowing them to apply the training more quickly. AFSI offers flexible scheduling and can perform training during normal business hours or “after hours.”

Day One: Fiber Optics 101

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Introduction to Fiber Optics
  • Fiber Optic Advantages
  • Fiber Optic Essentials
  • Light Guiding Principles
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Fiber Optic Connectors
  • Fiber Optic Safety
  • Demonstration ST Assembly
  • Student ST-ST Cable Assembly
d38999 fiber optic training course

Day Two: Hands-On Lab

  • Continuation student ST-ST cable assembly
  • Demonstration of D38999 receptacle and 29504 /4 & /5 termini
  • Student assembly of D38999 receptacle and 29504 /4 & /5 terminations

Day Three: Hands-On Lab (continued)

  • Continuation of student assembly of D38999 receptacle
  • Demonstration of D38999 plug assembly
  • Student assembly of D38999 plug
AFSI Fiber Optic Training

Day Four: Hands-On Lab (continued)

  • Continuation of student assembly of D38999 plug
  • Troubleshooting and testing methodologies of all assemblies

Product Name / Product Number
D38999 AFSI On-Site / FT-D38-1-01-4
D38999 Mobile Training / FT-D38-2-01-4


Successful completion of the four-day course and test qualifies the student to receive a certification from AFSI on the D38999 connector.