FSHDM Series Hermaphroditic Duplex Miniature


The Hermaphroditic Series includes the Hermaphroditic Duplex Miniature (HDM). This product has been specially designed to facilitate the interconnection of Fibre Optic Cable assemblies, thus eliminating the need for polarising the assemblies and the use of in-line adapters.

FSBDC Series Bayonet Duplex Connector


The Bayonet Duplex Connector series offers the Pattern 105, Size 10, series proven connector construction, with the tri-mating bayonet locking mechanism for ease and quick mate/de-mate.

THDM Series MT Connector System

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The THDM is a MIL-PRF-28876 derived mechanical transfer (MT) rugged fiber optic connector for military and aerospace applications.


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Building on the legacy of MIL-PRF-28876, Rev. E these connectors incorporate the latest technologies in fiber optic interconnect design.


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The MFM Fiber Optic Connector is lightweight, with anti-vibration coupling mechanism and uses ceramic PC ferrule technology w/ a ceramic alignment sleeve.

M28876 Fiber Optic Connectors

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Amphenol Fiber Systems International manufactures a complete line of circular fiber optic connectors including M28876 connector.

ARINC 801 Connectors

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Amphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) produces the ARINC 801 cylindrical fiber optic connector for commercial airframe, Military radar and more!

NGCON Fiber Optic Connector

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NGCON Fiber Optic Connector features a rear release termini, genderless termini and it is a military standard compliant.

LC Field

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The LC Field Fiber Optic Connector is sealed against fluids and dust, no cabling operation in field and no tools required for installation.


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The MTRJ Field TV is a fiber optic connector that is sealed against fluids and dust and also shock and vibration proof.