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The TFOCA-XBT4™ is the next logical step, integrating expanded beam technology into the most popular harsh environment fiber optic connector in the world.

THDM Series MT Connector System

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The THDM is a MIL-PRF-28876 derived mechanical transfer (MT) rugged fiber optic connector for military and aerospace applications.


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The CTOS is an expanded beam connector and a hermaphroditic 2 & 4-channel optical interface. This technology uses a collimating lenses.

TACBeam® – MIL-PRF-83526

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The AFSI TACBeam® - MIL-PRF-83526 Qualified is hermaphroditic fiber optic connector, allowing the concatenation of multiple cable assemblies to support varying distance requirements.



The Amphenol AXOS fiber optic expanded beam is a miniature, hermaphroditic and cost effective alternative to other expanded beam connectors.

What is an Expanded Beam fiber optic connector?

Expanded Beam uses a lens in front of the fiber to collimate the light coming out of the fiber. The lens expands the size of the beam from 9 um to 285 um for SM.

Expanded Beam fiber optic connector
Expanded Beam fiber optic connector

Expanded Beam connectors have distinct advantages and disadvantages compared to Physical Contact connectors. Click here to read our White Paper on Expanded Beam Connectors for more in depth details. Amphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) is the only manufacturer that offers a complete suite of both Expanded Beam and Physical Contact connectors. Contact your AFSI sales representative to discuss which option is best suited for your application.